In-Person Readings

Karen has been providing aura, clairvoyant and psychic medium readings for more than 20 years as a professional. You can consider Karen a psychic life coach, and she will pull energy and expertise from many different areas during your reading. Schedule an appointment now!

Karen loved to do in-person readings – she now does all readings by phone or Skype, or Facetime. Karen will have you email a picture of yourself to her so that she can connect immediately with your Aura. Karen will connect with you in different ways. Typically, a reading starts with Karen getting a sense of your aura and the energy around you. She will typically ask you questions about your environment, physical health or work,as issues that are on the top of your mind will come to her first. During your reading bits of information typically come to her in stream of consciousness, so don’t be surprised if she interrupts you or takes the discussion in a different direction. A reading is like painting an impressionist landscape, and while certain questions or remarks may not make sense at the time, it will all come together at the end of the reading, and sometimes it may take days before information she provided sinks in and makes sense to you.

During the reading Karen may be able to connect to the angels, guides or passed friends or relatives that have a strong attachment to you. You may want to review your family tree before beginning the session as some of your guides may go back a few generations! Your guides typically throw information over in fragments, and you and Karen can decipher the messages and weave the meaning together. Also, please feel free to email pictures of other family members,or talk about articles of clothing or family heirlooms that are significant to you and can assist with the reading.

During your reading please ask as many questions as possible. You do not need to come to the reading with an agenda – just an open mind. No topic is taboo, and everything you share is strictly confidential. Karen will do her best to make sure you are comfortable to facilitate openness.

Karen is a featured guest on WCOL, and The Shawn Ireland Show and has appeared on numerous television shows, including The Debra Duncan Show and Good Morning Columbus, and is regarded as an expert in her field Karen is active in community activities, and often works with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant. She is often a guest speaker for both corporate and Healthcare events. Before launching WhatsMyAura, Karen was the President and CFO of one of the largest independent healthcare businesses in central Ohio, and holds degrees in finance and education.

All that said, each session is very different and always unique.