Hi Karen,
I must say I have had many psychic readings before, but none compare to your reading today. I am just blown away at how you were so spot on with everything. I wanted to thank you for taking time for me today.
You truly are a gem! 🙂 🙂
I feel empowered by your words and will make the changes you suggested.
If you have a testimonial section on your website, I will add to it.
I did tell my sister Gail Rogers about you and how good you were. I bet she calls you someday in the near future. 
Thanks again,

Dear Karen,
I wanted to let you know how much the reading you gave me helped me through a tough time.

My husband Steve and I had been trying to have a child for a couple years when I decided it may be helpful to pay you a visit. During the reading you had said that I would need help from a doctor getting pregnant. You told me there would be one birth (thinking one child) but said you are seeing both sexes, boy & girl? You said it meant it could be 2 children coming as one, like twins or that you just are not being shown for some reason. You also said I would have a high risk pregnancy and hate being pregnant. Well guess what? My husband and I are now proud parents of 3 month old twins, Will and Natalie:)

I went to a fertility specialist right after our reading and became pregnant after 7 months of treatments. It was a horrible pregnancy and I had never been so sick and uncomfortable in my life. I was put on bed-rest in January (2 months before they were born) due to being a high risk patient and my son was not growing properly. Needless to say, I had 2 healthy babies almost 6 pounds each in March!

Again, I want to thank you for your guidance. We definitely will be seeing you again. Without my reading I’m sure I would have not had such a positive outcome!


Tracy Gress

P.S.When listening back on the tape, you also told me that Steve would be getting a new car in December like a Lexus or BMW type car. He bought a Lexus on December 29th :)


I have been a client of Karen’s for several years and have found tremendous benefit from her services. Karen first described my Aura, and then gave me very thorough information about the characteristics of my personality.

Her work has been very energizing and informative. She explained the chakras in detail, and then suggested complimentary crystals to enhance my balancing. One of the biggest benefits of Karen’s work was her Aura work with my children. After this consultation, I understood my children’s’ behavior and personalities in a way that has helped me parent more effectively.

Two of the most memorable readings that I have experienced with Karen are the following: in the first, I was doing genealogy research involving my Nova Scotia roots. Karen was able to trace, and I was able to validate lineage back to King George of England. She was able to see a family museum and boat parts that were placed in this museum that came from the voyage to America. During the reading, she kept asking, “do you like pearls?”, and then she said “they keep showing me pearls”….I later found out that the name of the ship that my family traveled here on was THE PEARL.

The second remarkable reading with Karen followed the loss of my special Cattle Dog, Liza. Karen described Liza’s Aura so accurately, and then provided details of her purpose in my life. She was so helpful in providing closure after Liza died, and provided an understanding of how our Auras worked together.

Consultation and readings with Karen are extremely professional, informative and thought provoking. Karen does more than just complete a session with a client; she also provides the tools for the client to make self progress, such as suggested reading material, crystal work,and Chakra clearing techniques. Karen’s mannerisms put clients at ease and create an immediate sense of trust. Her accuracy has been incredible through all of my sessions, and my life has changed greatly because of her work.


Jennifer Ortman